About Us

Nabni Developments

Leading real estate company that provides an international standard of excellence to Dubai and the World.

Abdulrahman Al Jaziri and Badr Al Jaziri, who formerly founded Al Jaziri Developments, re-strategized Nabni Development in 2022 with a single objective in mind, creating Dubai’s most sought-after residential and retail properties.

Nabni focuses on four key pillars which are change mindsets, establish credibility, evoke emotions and differentiation.

About Us

Our Vision


Believing homes hold a crucial role in building a quality lifestyle, we prioritize every step of the development process through a personalised approach from the concept to the final outlines.

Nabni creates residential and retail properties that integrate seamlessly into the surrounding community and provide a vibrant and diverse environment that meets the needs of all its residents. We strive to create spaces that are designed and constructed with the utmost attention to detail and craftsmanship, and that provide a safe, secure, and welcoming atmosphere for all who visit. Our goal is to create a development that is energy efficient, environmentally conscious, and reflective of the community’s culture and values.